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 Jun.28.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: Jun.28.11 WEIBO   Jun.28.11 WEIBO EmptyMon Jul 04, 2011 4:18 pm

香港的朋友,好久不見,再等一下下哦,我很快就過去和大家見面! //@辰亦儒吧:谢谢分享!一定会有很多人去支持的!
Hong Kong friends, long time no see, in a little while, I will be seeing everyone! //@辰亦儒吧: Thanks for sharing! For sure there will be a lot of people supporting!
Quote :
@我的天空變成:@辰亦儒吧 一齊去支持calvin! @Calvin Baidu, let's go support Calvin together! 原文转发(1008)|原文评论(134)
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6月28日 00:09

Dear sweethearts,see u all tomorrow:) //@CalvinChen杂志:一日店长,大家 one day store manager, everyone
Quote :
Tomorrow on 6/28 TUES, CALVIN will be at Taipei's JAY store as a one day store manager, there will be a new WOW t-shirt design for girls that will be specially released (limited edition), remember to support!! GOGOGO! 原文转发(871)|原文评论(184)
6月28日 00:11

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Jun.28.11 WEIBO
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