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 Jun.18.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: Jun.18.11 WEIBO   Jun.18.11 WEIBO EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 7:38 pm

Sunshine:) //@佳臻:大帥哥們:我剛有在舞台旁偷看你們頒獎,帥喔!
Sunshine:) //@佳臻: Super handsome guys: I was watching you two on the side of the stage while you gave out the awards, handsome!
Quote :
@汪东城:陽光二人組。金曲獎盛典。我們來了 !Sunshine Duo. Golden Melody Awards. We're coming! 原文转发(6577)|原文评论(4559)
Jun.18.11 WEIBO 69b226bdjw1dibdombe6cj
6月18日 20:47

很開心可以跟AKB48 SKE NMB的團員們一起在金曲獎頒獎哦,希望能快點來台灣開演唱會,很多妳們的粉絲在等哦
Really happy to be able give out awards at Golden Melody Awards with members of AKB48 SKE NMB. Hope you all can come to Taiwan soon to hold a concert, a lot of your fans are waiting.
Jun.18.11 WEIBO 79ad9379jw1dibi8pakkhj
6月18日 21:34

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Jun.18.11 WEIBO
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