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 Nov.7.11 Calvin Chen doesn't want to play sunshine role anymore

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PostSubject: Nov.7.11 Calvin Chen doesn't want to play sunshine role anymore   Sat Nov 12, 2011 11:51 pm

November 7, 2011
Calvin Chen doesn't want to play sunshine role anymore

Source: http://ent.southcn.com/8/2011-11/07/content_32785653.htm
Translated By Nastyhobbit@AF
[Rough Translations]

Yesterday, Calvin Chen came to Guangzhou to promote his latest photobook "The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen", drawing fans with his popularity. Calvin Chen accepted an exclusive interview with Nan Fang Wang (SouthCN.com), where he talked about his plans and insights about life.

Calvin Chen, who had previously shot photobooks with Fahrenheit, has now published his own solo photobook, and personally chose the pictures and wrote the text himself. He said, "With this photobook, I didn't just want to show pretty pictures, but also wanted everyone to know who Calvin Chen is as a person. This photobook was shot in Vancouver, a place that is very important to me. Because I lived in Vancouver for many years because of my studies, it was like my second home. I wanted to share my experiences of studying abroad and working part-time, as well this photobook can serve as a tourism guidebook. I recommended many authentic restaurants and attractions, all very affordable, and also delves into the local culture. I also want that through this book, I want to tell everyone that nothing is impossible, that anything is possible. During the time I studied abroad, what I learned the most was independence, not English or my academic subjects. It taught me to be responsible for what I do."

When asked about any interesting bits during the photoshoots, Calvin Chen revealed that the photobook was shot in Vancouver in March, a time when Vancouver is very cold, but he had to wear a tank top for some shots, so it was very cold for him. Nowadays the level of exposure shown in photobooks of male artists is very high, so when asked whether there was some exposure in this photobook, he laughed, "Now even male artists want to take off their clothes? I'll have to think on it next time, because I'm still an idol. This photobook's biggest "exposure" was when I was wearing a tank top. Before shooting I had to do some exercise."

Calvin Chen also talked about the girlfriends he had when he was in Canada. He revealed that one was a Korean who was older than him by four years, and they dated for two years. One was a Taiwanese whom he dated for four years. Now because they are already married and with children, they don't have so much contact anymore.

Does Calvin Chen have any marriage plans? Calvin Chen answered, "I want to be like Jay Chou, and find my other half before I turn 35. Then I'll get married and have two kids." Calvin Chen also revealed that he actually envies some of his colleagues who are able to follow their life plans and get married and have kids. He says that one has to balance home life and work life. Previously the ratio of work to home life is probably 9:1, but now he hopes he can make it 5:5.

Regarding his requirements for his other half, Calvin Chen likes a girl with gentle temperament, but regardless whether she's independent or the clingy type, it's fine. What's most important is that we can share our feelings with each other, so much so that I can cry in front of her. This is how I would like my soulmate to be."

Flying solo but not disbanded, now Jiro Wang is filming movies, Arron Yan is singing, and Calvin Chen is concentrating into hosting. Aside from hosting MTV's RHYYF, Calvin Chen is also hosting Apple Entertainment News. Calvin Chen revealed that he would still want to do diverse projects. Firstly, Fahrenheit threesome is predicted to release an album in the first half of next year. Then Calvin Chen also hopes to have opportunities to perform in the mainland. With many idol dramas under his belt, he has frequently played sunshine boy characters, now he doesn't want to play a sunshine role anymore. Other kinds of roles are okay.


那時候, 其實我們跟公司簽合約就已經說好,就是飛輪海就是這四個人,就是這四個人呈現出完整的飛輪海,對,不多也不少。
✰陳亦儒(飛輪海 首張同名專輯)

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PostSubject: Re: Nov.7.11 Calvin Chen doesn't want to play sunshine role anymore   Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:24 am

He is older now and should expand from the teen roles and get more mature ones...
I Hope he finds his special someone soon...
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Nov.7.11 Calvin Chen doesn't want to play sunshine role anymore
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