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 Oct.10.11 Hey Birthday Boy, Just follow your heart :-)

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PostSubject: Oct.10.11 Hey Birthday Boy, Just follow your heart :-)   Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:59 pm

Hey Birthday Boy, Just follow your heart :-)
2011/10/10 Wu Chun

活在这个地球32年了Ö最辛苦的还是我爸妈. (Been living on earth for 32 years...the most hardworking are my mom and dad.) They are forever my HERO!

During these 32 years of life, I believe Iíve done a lot of things compared to many others of the same age! For a Bruneian to go this far, I feel proud about it and I think itís my will power and personality that makes me wanna challenge life and explore more because i always feel that the sky is the limitÖHahaa! Well, I just couldnít stop and really donít know when to actually slow downÖ Honestly, itís kinda scary when I think of it sometimes but at the same time excited and proud, whether success or failure because to me, itís never the ĎAGEí that makes someone more matured and intelligent but itís the life changing experiences that makes one know more about his/her inner self!

Just like what the great Apple inventor Steve Jobs said, Ē Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!Ē Fully agree with this statement! Although i donít exactly know what he means but based on my understanding, i think one should always stay hungry for improvement and never think you are already too good in something. Be humble and never stop learning in life!

Also, Iíve heard of so many DONíTS in lifeÖ
Donít do dangerous scenes, Let the stuntman do it!
I learnt a lot by doing all by myself!
Donít go Japan because of the radiation?
I went and ate a lot of sashimi too :-)
Donít go USA because of SARS!
I had to go coz I wanna see Michael Jordanís playing his last few games!!!
Donít eat this, donít eat that!
Well, donít make me ANGRYÖ hahaha!
Donít work so hard!
I know itís gonna make me look tired but an artist is still a human and itís ok to have wrinkles, eyebags, pimples, etc, right?
Donít Tan too much!
I know it will harm my skin Iím not doing it just to look more MAN! I just like to look more tanned :-)

Honestly, if I were to be a father, I know I will also tell my children not to do this and that :-) But, these are the thrills and tastes is life so i guess Iím being naughty and please bear with me for the time beingÖ hahaa! I will try to be more careful, eat more nutritious food and enjoy myself during my vacation to balance out a bit okie :-)

Also, the older I get, the more I realise, ďLife is too shortĒ ISNT IT? 当然希望可以活到老 (of course I hope to live up to old age) but no one can predict tragedies, illnesses and disasters which are happening everyday!!!! This year, I sort of am behaving more like a Libran and Iím sure you guys could see that my perception about life is fair bit different than before. However, Iím still very much focused on my work but at the same time adjusting to some little things to make myself available to do things Iíve always wanted to do and I donít think Iíll ever REGRET this decisionÖ Thus just follow your heart, sacrifice a bit, donít be so greedy at times and you will find life more meaningful for sure :-)

To all my AngelsÖ I hope we could be great people who have great personalities and have a great journey together. I know Iím not perfect but I always try to learn from mistakes. I know being my supporter is touch and its also not easy to share myself with so many of youÖ hahaa! Everyone of you think differently and definitely, you guys might or might not agree with what I do and many times, there are misunderstandings as some of you might be sensitive in some areas. Itís really impossible for me to treat everyone equally but one thing for sure is, everyone is equal in my heart and i hope you all understand that! I know gals get jealous and compare with each other more easily but I do hope all of you can be 大方 (tolerant) and understanding. Happiness is actually very simple so letís lead a simple and beautiful life instead of being unhappy with small matters in lifeÖLetís try and make this journey a happy one for all of us yeah :-)

Lastly, itís always through words in order for me to express my feelings better and I wanna let all of u know that to have u all by my side is such a wonderful thing in my life :-) 不管你们会支持我多久,这个路程,你们已经在某个阶段给了我很多的力量和感动! 说真的,还真不习惯 (no matter how long you guys will support me, along this journey, you guys have already given me a lot of power and emotions! Honestly speaking, I'm really not used to it) if this will end one day but i always cherish all these moments and let all these memories kept in a special place inside my heart forever :-)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes and YES, Iím one happy-lucky guy who receives tremendous power from all my angels so I can be SUPERMAN and fly higher n higher!

六郎要跟感情很好的杨家一起庆生了 (6th brother will be celebrating his birthday with his beloved Yang family)ÖGo go go!

Quote from GKC

Whatever you encounter in life, no matter its good or bad , treat it as a present to you! Enjoy it and learn from it :-)

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Oct.10.11 Hey Birthday Boy, Just follow your heart :-)
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