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 Sept.17.11 Calvin Chen cut class to chase girls, regrets losing the dream to become a doctor

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PostSubject: Sept.17.11 Calvin Chen cut class to chase girls, regrets losing the dream to become a doctor   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:34 pm

September 17, 2011
Calvin Chen cut class to chase girls, regrets losing the dream to become a doctor

Source: http://tw.nextmedia.com/applenews/article/art_id/33674284/IssueID/20110917
Translated by Nastyhobbit@AF

[Rough Translations]

"Apple E-News" host Calvin Chen is his family's eldest grandson, so his family doted on him since he was little. When he was in primary school, he was a model student. He passed the exam to enter the No. 1 high school for boys Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School (*JianZhong for short). His biggest setback was that because he cut class to chase girls, he failed in his university entrance exams and his dream to become a doctor was shattered. His angry mother sent him to Canada, where he persevered and finished his undergrad and master's in four years. He lived in Vancouver for six and a half years, and spent approximately 7 million TWD.

Calvin Chen was the class monitor in primary school, a model student, he was good at academics, he was good at sports, and was a member of the school track and field team. In middle school, though he loved having fun, his academic records were still among the best, so he was able to smoothly pass the exams to attend JianZhong. After entering JianZhong, he didn't change his fun-loving personality. Add to that the free style of teaching in JianZhong, he took his fun-loving personality to the next level and sat at the back rows in class so he can easily skip classes, and instead played basketball and sang karaoke with his middle school buddies. Of course he didn't neglect dating, and he also dated smart girls. He dated three girls who each went to school in BeiYi (*aka Taipei First Girls' High School = Selina's school), ZhongShan (*aka Taipei Municipal Songshan Senior High School = his first gf's school), and YangMing (*aka Taipei Municipal Yang Ming Senior High School).

While Calvin Chen had fun in JianZhong, his dream was to become a doctor. But when he failed in his university entrance exams, that dream was shattered. The exam results was released August 8, and by September 7 he was already sent abroad. He said, "After applying to schools for only a month, I already packed my bags to go abroad. Clearly, Mom was very angry."

Finally in Vancouver he was able to reflect on his mistakes. He spent one year in language school, then three years to finish his economics degree in Simon Fraser University, then because of his straight A's, he was admitted to the University of Victoria for grad program in economics, where he spent another year. "At the time, I was super motivated. After my classes are finished for the day, I would go buy bento and go straight to the library to study and leave at around 12 midnight. After that I'd go to the grad school offices to study some more and go home at about 2 in the morning. Even the security guard on campus thought I was some thief."

Calvin Chen's performance in Vancouver was outstanding, he also worked part-time, washing cars and waiting tables, and also worked as a teaching assistant. After graduation he was already recruited to work at the Central Bank of Canada, and he intended to settle in Vancouver. But he unexpectedly returned to Taiwan to enter show business. This decision caused a furor in his family. It was only when he joined Fahrenheit and they performed at the Red House did he finally get his father's approval.

Name: Calvin Chen, real name Chen Yi Ju
Age: 30 (born November 10, 1980)
Measurements: 184 cm, 68 kg
Education: University of Victoria
Experience: Sunshine Boyz 2004 champion, returned to Taiwan to enter show business, joined Fahrenheit
Works: Discography - "Fahrenheit", "Two-sided Fahrenheit", "Loving you more and more", "Super Hot"; Filmography - "KO One", "X-Family", "KO3anguo", "Romantic Princess", "Momo Love", "Love Buffet"; Regularly hosting - "MTV JKPOP", "Apple E-News"
Rumored girlfriends: Joanne Zeng, Amber An
Fees: Fahrenheit endorsement for a Chinese brand 10 million TWD

30 years old, hosting "Apple E-News" with Weng Zi Man

1 year old, yawning while being carried by his mother

3 years old, outdoors picnic, looks adorable

16 years old, he's wearing glasses, looking very intellectual, with his younger cousin

18 years old, studying in JianZhong, he had the reputation of being one of the "Shuai JianZhong 3"

20 years old, studying in Vancouver, having fun with friends


那時候, 其實我們跟公司簽合約就已經說好,就是飛輪海就是這四個人,就是這四個人呈現出完整的飛輪海,對,不多也不少。
✰陳亦儒(飛輪海 首張同名專輯)

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PostSubject: Re: Sept.17.11 Calvin Chen cut class to chase girls, regrets losing the dream to become a doctor   Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:29 pm

i only found out today that he want to be a doctor....
i wonder what specialty would he take if he ever become a doctor...

i think he wouldn't be part of the FRH if he pursue his medical studies... because he wouldn't have won as the sunshine boy... LOL
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Sept.17.11 Calvin Chen cut class to chase girls, regrets losing the dream to become a doctor
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