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 Aug.14.11 Sunshine Boy Calvin Chen interacts with fans from various countries

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PostSubject: Aug.14.11 Sunshine Boy Calvin Chen interacts with fans from various countries   Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:44 pm

August 14, 2011
Sunshine Boy Calvin Chen interacts with fans from various countries, embodies tender lover, charm sweeps across Ximending

Source: http://georgereal.pixnet.net/blog/post/35521577
Translated by Nastyhobbit@AF

[Rough Translation]

Korea's biggest cosmetics company ETUDE HOUSE, under the banner of Amore Pacific, engulfs Taiwan with its pink charisma, and invited the guy with the No. 1 Smile, Calvin Chen, to come to its flagship store in Ximending. Calvin Chen who hasn't had a public activity for a few weeks, attracted tons of fans to come to the event! Not only his number 1 smile, but also his amiable personality, attracted fans who waited in long queues to get their tickets.

Calvin Chen who is always cheery in his dramas and performances, embodies the tender lover that ETUDE HOUSE celebrates! Wearing a powder blue jacket emphasized Calvin Chen's prince look even more. He not only interacted with the fans at the event, but he also played summer games with some fans. The participating fans also got to pose with him for pictures, including one from Korea. During the games, Calvin Chen heard a Korean song play and unexpectedly sang and danced with the song. The lively and bold personality made the fans in the audience shriek! Calvin Chen also shared that the 2NE1 star Sandara has that "soft and tender" skin like gelatin, that makes him want to pinch her in the cheeks. The girls in the audience all shrieked, all wanting to have the soft and tender skin that Calvin likes.

Sunshine boy Calvin Chen reveals secrets in maintaining good skin - control oil and keep the skin moisturized

Calvin Chen with a perpetual smile on his face, not only has the looks of a prince, but he has also put in very good performances in acting, singing and hosting. Recently he displayed his innate eloquence by hosting RHYYF, attracting numbers of fans and increasing his popularity. Fans asked Calvin Chen when they could see him again, and Calvin Chen very happily accepted this invitation from ETUDE HOUSE to be their one-day manager. Being a host of RHYYF, he's in touch with the latest Kpop trends, and he often introduces ETUDE HOUSE endorser Sandara. About his plans, Calvin Chen also expressed that he has new drama and a new hosting program being planned, and that he very much wants to challenge a live program, and estimates that this new program will be known by September.The flawless-skinned Calvin Chen also said that during outdoor shoots for dramas or hosting, especially during summertime, skin easily releases oil, and easily dries. So he emphasizes controlling oil and protecting against drying skin, and uses oil-controlling foundation spray on his skin to prevent oil from coming out and destroying his make-up. He also brings with him moisturizing spray, in one spray he immediately replenishes his skin's moisture, making him look better in his next performance! ETUDE HOUSE offers the "Aloe Moistfull Calming Series", whose fast-acting moisturizing effect Calvin Chen himself experienced!

Calvin Chen the manager for the day, does cashier duty for fans

In order to give back to Calvin Chen fans, ETUDE HOUSE especially opened for business that day, letting the handsome and dashing Calvin Chen do cashier duty for five lucky fans, and gave away autographed ETUDE HOUSE cards, as well as his latest design from his brand. During the event he signed a limited amount of merchandise, attracting many fans to come early to queue up, hoping to get up close and touch their beloved handsome idol. The lucky fans saw for themselves how their idol does business as a manager, and one by one took the chance to express their love for their idol, even writing "I love you" on the credit card receipt, making Calvin Chen all kinds of happy. Calvin Chen saw the bill ran up to 1798 TWD, and wittily said to the fan, "Let's leave together!". The sweet words made all the fans laugh happily, and even more made them wish they will see Calvin Chen's new work soon so they can see his princely charm again! Soft and tender lover Calvin Chen, your charm is indeed brilliant!
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Aug.14.11 Sunshine Boy Calvin Chen interacts with fans from various countries
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