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 Jun.7.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: Jun.7.11 WEIBO   Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:45 am

Thank you, the witty Honduras and the cute QQQ Gelatin
Quote :
@安心亞Amber:@辰亦儒 來阿洪之聲打書囉~"逆向旅程"!留學最佳工具書~ Calvin Chen on Celebrity Imitated Show - Ah Hong's Voice to promote his book~ "The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen"! The best study abroad guidebook~原文转发(346)|原文评论(82)
6月7日 16:43

洪哥你實在是親切又幽默風趣啊,希望可以很快再合作哦 Honduras bro, you are very friendly and witty, hope to work with you soon again //@辰亦儒國際後援會:期待今晚播出看到更多的笑點!Hope to see more funny bits on tonight's show!
Quote :
@台湾洪都拉斯:飛輪海辰亦儒來上阿洪了,和炎亞倫、汪東城都合作過了,我快要變成飛輪海的專屬同伴,真的很活潑的辰亦儒,(小瓢蟲為什麼最好笑)因為它有很多點,亦儒說的。 Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen on Celebrity Imitated Show, after working with Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, I almost became a partner of Fahrenheit, a really lively Calvin Chen, (Why are caterpillars funny) because they have a lot of points, Calvin said. 原文转发(639)|原文评论(156)
6月7日 16:47

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Jun.7.11 WEIBO
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