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 May.21.11 Calvin Chen: Happiness is not difficult, trust your tongue and you can be happy

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PostSubject: May.21.11 Calvin Chen: Happiness is not difficult, trust your tongue and you can be happy   Mon May 23, 2011 11:33 pm

May 21, 2011
Calvin Chen: Happiness is not difficult, trust your tongue and you can be happy

Source: http://tw.nextmedia.com/subapple/article/art_id/33402838/IssueID/20110521
translated by nastyhobbit@AF

[Rough Translation]

Even though I like to enjoy good food, but before reading "The Restaurant of Love Regained" I never thought food wasn't just for nourishing the body, it can also nourish the depressed spirit. Just like the female protagonist Rinko in the book, who became lost after her boyfriend dumped her, but through managing the restaurant and cooking, she gradually moved away from that low point. I suddenly realized the power of cooking, it not only affects the one eating the food, that first aroma, and the happy expression on the face of the one enjoying the food, can also extend to the one cooking in the kitchen getting a sense of satisfaction.

I remember when I was studying in Vancouver, because I missed the flavors of home, I would eat spare ribs and chicken rice for several weeks consecutively. Sometimes when I can't find a Chinese restaurant, I would use "The Three Treasures" of a foreign student - electric rice cooker, stove and a microwave oven - to make simple meals. It doesn't have to be too authentic, the taste just has to be similar. It's the same friendly feeling you get when you meet someone from your hometown. I quickly discovered that cooking to make myself cheerful is not easy, so when I read that the female protagonist would first estimate her customers' taste before cooking food for them, I admired her a lot. At the same time the author convinced me: Obtaining happiness is not too difficult, you only have to trust your tongue and you can be happy!

I think the most emotionally touching part of the book was Rinko's mother cooking for her, each step in the cooking process, Rinko's love for her mother became clearer and clearer. I remember the time I also cooked for my girlfriend, at that time even if the food I made wasn't perfect, but seeing my girlfriend's bright smile when she saw the food, I had that indescribable feeling of accomplishment. I think Rinko who secretly watched the customers from the kitchen, must surely have also collected these expressions of satisfaction. "The Restaurant of Love Regained" made me discover that food was not only for replenishing energy, it can also give balance to your life. It's no wonder that no matter which country, food is like the world's universal language. It's the quickest way to draw people together!


那時候, 其實我們跟公司簽合約就已經說好,就是飛輪海就是這四個人,就是這四個人呈現出完整的飛輪海,對,不多也不少。
✰陳亦儒(飛輪海 首張同名專輯)

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May.21.11 Calvin Chen: Happiness is not difficult, trust your tongue and you can be happy
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