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 May.1.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: May.1.11 WEIBO   Wed May 04, 2011 8:41 am

我都只在天母圖書館用功唸書,哈哈 I only study hard at Tianmu's library, haha//@翁滋蔓SmileTzymann:回复 @辰亦儒 :哈哈哈...真的假的...原來你也在天母長大ㄚ!好酷!!說不定我們小時候就見過了耶!嘻嘻! Hahaha...seriously...you also grew up in Tianmu! So cool!! Perhaps we've seen each other when we were young! Hehe! //哪一間學校阿?我也要這個獎,我也是天母人耶有光會更閃亮哈 Which school? I also want this award, I'm also a Tianmu citizen, will be more brightly shining if there's light, ha
Quote :
Today, I returned to my 30 year old school to receive an award, I was able to feel the youthfulness of the school assembly, the cute juniors were also very enthusiastic...haha...I'm the 1st annual Outstanding Student this year! Happy happy

4月30日 18:14

他是我兄弟 He's my bro//@汪东城:大家還在等go Everyone is still waitng, go
Quote :
@辰亦儒:請大家告訴大家 Please let everyone know

5月1日 20:14

//@宋子凡:兄弟!我們的作品終於要上了!Bro! Our work is finally going out!
Quote :
@辰亦儒:請大家告訴大家 Please let everyone know 原文转发(4503)|原文评论(1927)

5月1日 20:25

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May.1.11 WEIBO
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