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 Apr.30.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: Apr.30.11 WEIBO   Wed May 04, 2011 8:33 am

If I became fat, will you guys still love me?

4月30日 15:21

Which school? I also want this award, I'm also a Tianmu citizen, will be more brightly shining if there's light, ha
Quote :
Today, I returned to my 30 year old school to receive an award, I was able to feel the youthfulness of the school assembly, the cute juniors were also very enthusiastic...haha...I'm the 1st annual Outstanding Student this year! Happy happy

4月30日 18:14

甜死人不償命阿 Sweetest to death, cannot help it//@王心凌:謝謝Ann唷~ Thank you Ann// @葉子的叶Ann :甜心"凌兒"出專輯<黏黏2>當然全力支持 又有好歌聽嘍 Sweetheart "Cyndi" releasing new album "Sticky" of course I must support, there will be good songs again// @王心凌 :感謝承哥啊!!!這次也少不了你喔!
Quote :
@Gaby藍鈞天:大家記得支持哦!首場預購簽唱會~5/22星期日下午2:00西門町武昌誠品!Everyone please support! The first pre-order autograph session will be on Tuesday 5/22 2:00pm Ximending Eslite 原文转发(1303)|原文评论(294)
4月30日 18:27

My good friend got married, he gave his vowels in tears on stage, while I feel extremely touched offstage, wish you great happiness

4月30日 18:30

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isela wang
Freezing Fah-o-meter
Freezing Fah-o-meter

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PostSubject: Re: Apr.30.11 WEIBO   Wed May 04, 2011 11:13 am

even being "chubby" he's so handsome ... XD
I love Calvin it doesn't matter how he looks.. ^^
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Apr.30.11 WEIBO
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