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 Apr.26.11 WEIBO

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PostSubject: Apr.26.11 WEIBO   Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:54 am

逆向旅程,辰亦儒溫哥華留學記,我來了 //@曹小馨: @辰亦儒 凱文兒快來快來
Reverse Journey, Calvin Chen's Study in Vancouver , I'm coming // @曹小馨: @辰亦儒 Calvin come quickly
Quote :
Begining of May WQYL big guests - Calvin Chen, A-Lin, Yoga Lin, Yan Jue~!!! Please look forward to it~~~ 原文转发(908)|原文评论(178)
4月26日 18:53

逆向旅程-辰亦儒溫哥華留學記新書預購簽名會 2011/05/07 14:00 台北美麗華5樓摩天輪廣場. 請大家告訴大家,一起度過愉快的母親節週末嘍,最好是把妳們媽媽也帶來
"Reverse Journey, Calvin Chen's Study in Vancouver" new book pre-order autograph session 2011/05/07 14:00 Taipei Miramar No. 22, JngY 3rd Road 5F. Please let everyone know, let's celebrate a Happy Mother's Day weekend together, it's best if you also bring your mom along

4月26日 20:24

"Reverse Journey, Calvin Chen's Study in Vancouver" will be officially released on May 18, 2011, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan will each have their own autograph session! Friends in mainland, I believe we will see each other very soon, which cities should the autograph sessions be held? Hehe

4月26日 20:45

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Apr.26.11 WEIBO
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