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 Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen

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PostSubject: Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen   Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:16 pm

March 8, 2011 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen

Credits to leijiemengyu@Calvin's baidu for the transcript.http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1027009873
and also to nastyhobbit@AF who added some that she could follow

Host: Today I'm very happy because sitting beside me is Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen, whose Cantonese is still very good. Apart from doing performances, you've also been all over Southeast Asia, but rarely to Vancouver. So first, tell us why you gave us this big surprise and came to Vancouver?
Calvin: yeah I've been to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, etc to perform. Last time I was in Vancouver I was with Arron for Sunshine Nation. That time Wu Chu and Da Dong were in Japan for promotions. So why did I come to Vancouver this time? It's to shoot for my personal photobook. It's not just about pretty pictures though. Nowadays a lot of people go abroad to study, so I want to introduce some issues that one might come across in an English-speaking country, like where to live, how to apply, using my own experiences to tell everyone.

Host: The photobook's pictures, you won't be wearing this much clothes right?
Calvin: This photobook, in order to be more adventurous, since the end of last year until now I've been working out. Everyone doesn't want to see me so thin, actually the muscles give my body some shape. (Then the host asked if she can touch, then she went whoa when she touched Calvin's bicep then Calvin pulled down his collar to reveal some chest, but the microphone was blocking the view hahaha.)
Host: So this photobook will be out in June? Now you exposed just a little bit, but when the time comes you will bare all?
Calvin: That's right. When the time comes you will see me completely exposed!
Host: Wow! That's amazing!
Calvin: It will be out in summer.

Host: actually I know Calvin Chen is very busy, he goes all over Asia, nowadays he hasn't much time to return to Vancouver. So I want to ask, returning to Vancouver, what was the thing you missed the most?
Calvin: I just went to school and walked around.
Host: What about to the famous places?
Calvin: I also went there. Actually I miss a lot of places, everything here, the air, even the rain. I already got used to the rain! And the beautiful women! Oops, my secret's out! Now it's Sunshine Nation, previously it was just Sunshine Boyz, now Sunshine Nation has both guys and girls.
Host: That way made you focus.
calvin: Of course. Otherwise if I were in Sunshine Nation, I wouldn't have become champion.

Host: Actually now you're tried many things, acting, singing, beatbox, hosting, which one is your favorite?
Calvin: I think nowadays to be an actor, one has to diversify also. Because the audience nowadays are rather picky. You must always be improving, and trying new things, and let everyone see you're improving, only then can you stay in showbiz. Because this year is my 6th year with Fahrenheit, everyone is doing different things. So since last year I've been hosting a show, Wu Chun is making movies, Arron just released his solo album, Da Dong also wants to film new dramas. We're all working hard doing different stuff. I hope the audience can see our improvements.
Host: Actually a lot of fans support Fahrenheit because there are 4 different guys in the group. I know you represent the spring.
Calvin: Actually I should be summer...
Host: Why? As spring blossoms, you attract a lot of girls, right? I'm not saying you're a playboy...
Calvin: Gentle like water, pretty boy.

Host: Speaking of Fahrenheit, how are you with the others?
Calvin: Actually we've been together 6 years, I think we're quite predestined to be together, we've always been like brothers. For sure we have disagreements, but that's just like a family. After disagreements we still continue walking and improving together. I'm good with each one. But in different ways. For example, me and Wu Chun, because we both studied abroad, we would often talk about our overseas stuff, like casinos, where to hang out, where to eat, what kind of food each country has, Wu Chun loves food. With Da Dong, we would talk about cars, and sometimes about investments, because he wants to buy a car, a house, we both like cars a lot, so we talk about this. With Arron, we would talk about music, because he loves music, he loves singing. Our homes are very near each other, just 5 minutes apart, so we would often go home together. So actually our relationships are pretty good. Everyone has his own strengths, so we are able to form Fahrenheit.

Host: Each one is different in personality, so add together you become Fahrenheit. I have a lot of friends who like you guys. You mentioned investment... when you competed in Sunshine Boyz you're an investment expert, yeah apart from you telling me about LUCKY 7, you also said you're an investment expert, now are you still investment expert?
Calvin: At that time I wanted to be an investment broker, but later I continuously worked in showbiz. But I missed doing business, so nowadays I do a lot of stuff, like investing in stocks. In Taiwan I invest in real estate, I'm also being my own boss in selling T-shirts, I also act as my own brand's model. I wanted to start from scratch, in Taiwan it has its own website, in Taiwan there are now 4 stores selling them, so later on I hope there will also be stores in Vancouver or Hong Kong selling my shirts.

Host: Now we've finsihed the investment question, let's talk about your latest idol drama.
Calvin: In Taiwan I've filmed 5 idol dramas in 5 years, now I have an idol drama currently airing in Taiwan, it's called Love Buffet, based on a Japanese manga. Arron and I are in it. Actually it's now about to end, I hope everyone can give us a lot of support, it's a very heart-felt drama. I play a student there. But I hope later on I will play more mature roles in dramas. So I hope everyone will watch my last drama playing a student.
Host: That's hard to say. Say a character has a student phase, you still say this?
Calvin: Right.
Host: Okay, then what's your next projects?
Calvin: In Taiwan I'm still hosting a program in MTV. My personal photobook might be out in June, then later will do some promotions. Everyone is concerned whether Fahrenheit will still perform together. I can only say, we are all developing individually, so if you want to know, I can tell you we are all giving you guys more variety, this year's plan is still to have Fahrenheit perform together in many places, and still be Taiwan Tourism Ambassadors to Japan and South Korea. Everyone still has many opportunities to see all of us together. Probably June or July my photobook will be out, there will be some autograph signing events, I will do some promotions, will probably go to Hong Kong, mainland, of course Taiwan, hopefully Japan as well. Hope everyone will give a lot of support!

Host: Then finally! Can you share some of your thoughts while you were competing in Sunshine Boyz, and help encourage everyone to join the competition?
Calvin: A couple months ago I was in an awards ceremony in Beijing, and I saw Shawn (Dou Xiao), he knew who I was, I also knew him, so we both said hello to each other. Seeing my competition juniors doing so well I was very happy. I really want to thank Fairchild Radio for giving me this chance.
Host: That's right. Everyone keep on being sunshine, being happy, be like spring. Today I'm very happy that Calvin Chen was able to come here and talk with us. I hope you will come again to Vancouver, and see us again. I wish you a lot of improvement in the future, also wish you good investments whether in real estate or t-shirts... Okay thank you.


那時候, 其實我們跟公司簽合約就已經說好,就是飛輪海就是這四個人,就是這四個人呈現出完整的飛輪海,對,不多也不少。
✰陳亦儒(飛輪海 首張同名專輯)

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PostSubject: Re: Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen   Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:41 pm

Calvin has just lots of thoughts about a particular idea.. i mean he expounds his answers and i like it.. you get to know him better.. why not promote your photobook here in Philippines..?
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PostSubject: Re: Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen   Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:29 am

AaLene wrote:
Calvin has just lots of thoughts about a particular idea.. i mean he expounds his answers and i like it.. you get to know him better.. why not promote your photobook here in Philippines..?

Yea, I agree with you, he is becoming more an more mature. He minds open and
thus his answers and all the thinking have expand.
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PostSubject: Re: Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen   Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:12 am

i cant wait to buy his photobook..
i kno he will expose a lot and cant wait for his sexy looks.. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen   

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Mar.8.11 Fairchild Radio: Mandy Chan interviews Calvin Chen
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